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United Kingdom

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Brewdog in Doghouse
In a recent UK opposition decision.  Brewdog have been denied trade mark registration for BREWD...
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Recent News

UK Ratifies Unified Patent Court (UPC) Agreement
The United Kingdom's Intellectual Property Minister Sam Gyimah announced on World IP day, 26 April 2018, the ratification by the UK of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) Agreement. The UPC agreement also ...
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UK ready for the Unified Patent Court
On 8 February 2018, the final legislation needed for the UK to be ready for the Unified Patent Court was passed.  The Queen and her Privy Councillors signed off the Order which is available here ...
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Brexit to have no effect on UKs dealings with the EPO
Brexit will have no consequence on the UK in connection with the European Patent Office (EPO), either for applicants or for Patent Attorneys in the UK, as confirmed by the EPO. In its notice dated 25...
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Delays to Opening of Unified Patent Court?
It was understood that UK Government had planned to ratify the UPC agreement in May 2017 so that the Unified Patents Court could open by the end of the year.  However, that timetable now looks li...
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We are a full service IP practice of Patent and Trade Mark attorneys based in London in the UK. We support clients throughout the entire life cycle of Intellectual Property rights.  We are experienced litigators and regularly represent clients before UK Courts, at the European Patent Office, EUIPO and before UKIPO tribunals. 

We specialise in successfully obtaining and enforcing intellectual property rights for clients, ranging from multinationals, SMEs, start-ups and private inventors. The firm is expert in all aspects of UK and European patent, trade mark and design law, with notable technical expertise in medical devices, computing and software and pharmacology.

We are frequently selected over other firms due to the manner in which we provide a cost effective marriage of our expertise with advice and services relevant to the business needs of our clients.

We don't believe "one size fits all" and are willing to tailor our services to meet the needs and business requirements of the client. 


Williams Powell and BREXIT

No Change in European IP Service Provision

As you have probably heard, as a result of a referendum held on 23 June 2016, the UK is leaving the European Union.  You may be wondering how this affects European IP rights and the provision of European IP services.

The short answer is that for the time being there is no change.  Importantly, no EU IP rights will be lost and they will still cover the UK.

Initially, nothing will change.  There is a two-year notice period during which laws, rights and privileges will stay as they are while the UK's exit is negotiated.  During this time, it can be expected that the UK will continue to play an active role in European IP (as evidenced, for example, by the plan to ratify the UPC).  We also fully expect IP rights to be maintained after BREXIT, either exactly as they are at present or by provision of some equivalent form of IP protection under UK national law.

Williams Powell will continue to be a full service firm in relation to the filing, prosecution and enforcement of the following IP rights:

•    European patents

•    European Union trade marks

•    European Union registered designs

•    As well as, of course, UK national patent, trade mark and design applications

You may not realise that the European Patent Office is unconnected with the European Union. Accordingly, withdrawal of the UK from the EU has no effect on our ability to file, prosecute and oppose European patent applications.

There will in due course be an impact of the way in which we file EU trade mark and design applications. There is likely to be a re-registration scheme to ensure that existing EU rights continue to have effect in the UK.  It is also likely that the provisions establishing the Unified Patent Court will require amendment as well as potentially those for the EU Unitary Patent. We will of course keep you posted as the situation develops. 

Rest assured however that, no matter what happens, we will be taking the necessary steps to ensure that Williams Powell is still able to arrange for the filing of EU trade mark and design applications at exactly the same cost as in the past. It is notable that, over the past decades, litigation in Europe has moved towards UK standards and practices, including in Germany. The UK can therefore be expected to remain at the centre of IP litigation and jurisprudence whatever the final political outcome. Williams Powell is committed to continuing to provide a full EU service and remains at the heart of Europe. 


Williams Powell becomes NEUPC awarded supplier for IPR services

Williams Powell is pleased to announce that it has selected as an awarded supplier to NEUPC's IPR services framework.  The framework provides academic institutions and other members with access to legal advice and guidance, licensing and registration services on all matters relation to the creation, development and production of patents, trademarks, copyright, design rights, trade secrets and intellectual property rights.


Williams Powell selected as Parliamentary Review Best Practice Representative

Williams Powell is delighted to have been selected as a Best Practice Representative for The Parliamentary Review and to have been asked to provide advice to the organisation and the UK government. You will find an article of ours at pages 28 and 29 of the Parliamentary Review's recent publication on Law and Justice.



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